Steam Summer Sale!

Steam Summer Sale

Summer is in full swing, so is the Steam Summer Sale!
You still don’t have XT skins for Railgun and Thunder?  Well, then hurry up and acquire these item sets at an excellent price, until July 5th.

Three item sets are available at a 35% discount:

Mercenary Flamethrower – a perfect item set for the most daring and agile players, at just 3,89€ instead of 5,99€. It contains the “Firebird” turret with a “Steel” skin, the “Wasp” hull, and the “Inferno” paint.

Antaeus Marksman – the optimal set for decisive and rapid players, at just 8,44€ instead of 12,99€. Contains the “Railgun” turret and the “XT” skin for it, also the “Hornet” hull and the “Clay” paint.

Antaeus Skirmisher – a cool item set for power lusting and stylish players, at only 16,24€ instead of 24,99€. It contains the “Thunder” turret and the “Viking” hull, an “XT” skin for each of them, and the”Storm” paint.

You can buy any of the above sets from our store page on Steam.



Attention! You can purchase only 1 Pack per 1 Tanki X account. Refund is not available if you purchase 2 different packs, which include the same weapons, hulls, and skins or you already have the items from the pack! The items will be granted to the account that you use to log into the game through Steam.

Have fun shopping!

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