Summing up Season Zero!

Dear tankers!

Over the past month, we’ve witnessed an important event, the first Tanki X ranked season called Season Zero.

All the players to have played at least one ranked game during last month, have been rewarded according to their placing. We want to congratulate all the tanked with their well-deserved rewards! We’re hoping that the containers that were offered to you, have dropped the blueprints that you needed.

We would like to single out and congratulate the 38 Masters of the season, who’ve managed to get into the Master league.

The overall winner of the season will get a special round of congratulations and a present, in the next episode of our Developer’s Diary.

We really hope to see more new faces in the Master league next season. So, gather your strength and get ready to show everybody what you’re made of, in the new season.

As for us, with renewed powers, we’re going to continue testing the game, working on improving the matchmaking system and the game overall. Stay tuned for awesome updates during the following weeks.

Good luck on the battlefield, tankers!

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