Survey – December Updates!

Hello, tankers!

In December 2017, we released a new map, improved the interface, the gameplay and conducted a very fun winter holiday celebration. Now, we need your feedback on those updates. Let’s see what has changed:

  • The long-awaited map “Repin” was released and amazed us with its unique mechanics and a special Call to Arms event.
  • Destroying enemies consecutively in a battle has now become more profitable, as killstreaks now reward additional battle points.
  • Premium accounts have joined the ranks of Tanki X. You can test it for free for 3 days, and upon extending it by minimum a week, you will have access to daily quests for X-crystals.
  • Interface changes such as a new module screen, post-battle screen, and CTF flag indicators.
  • Winter holiday season, was s a 2 weeks special season in which players were rewarded winter holiday 2018 containers.

If you’ve already seen and experienced these changes, we’re inviting you to take this special survey and help us improve the game even more.

Your opinion matters to us!