Tanki X Halloween Contest

The Halloween or All Hallows’ Evening, is a celebration before the All Saints’ Day (this is why it is also called the All Saints’ Eve), and it is the only day of the year when the spirits of the dead are coming back to earth and walk among the living. Not very long ago, in some countries, people have started to call the remote combat vehicles, known as Tanki X,  defenders from the evil spirits, just like the carved Halloween pumpkins. People started to decorate their tanks as monsters and even rent vehicles to help them scare the evil away in the most terrible night of the year.

We invite you to participate in our Tanki X Halloween fan art contest. If you have a pencil, a painting brush or a tablet, come join the contest and win incredible rewards!

Your mission is to paint a stylized and unique tank art for the upcoming Halloween event. More than 3000 X crystals, t-shirts and in-game Halloween presents are waiting for those with the most talent and imagination.

More info about the contest can be found on our forum.

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