Tanki X is discontinued in the end of 2019

Dear friends!

On behalf of all former team of the game and Alternativa Games we had to tell you about some sad but expected news.

Each story ends one day and it is time to say goodbye to TX.

There are a lot of reasons for that, the main one is that PC gaming market is too competitive and overloaded and it is not possible to make the game popular not only in Russia but abroad as well. As a result, we made a difficult decision – concentrate our efforts on other areas. In general, we would like to mention that the game has come a long way and stayed alive for 3 years during which we have released a lot of cool features.

We know that you were worried about the fate of the project with us — thanks for that! Thanks for warm support, fiercely criticising and for cheering for TX. Thanks for all «The battles of corporations», for all your game related creativity in contests and not only in contests, for competition in ratings and spirit of competition, for bug reports and persistence in solving problems. We hope that you have found a lot of friends in the game and have received a lot of positive emotions!


What happens next

Starting today, we will disable some game services and websites. However, game servers will be available until the start of 2020 so you will have time to play for your own amusement. You can use this promo codes to buy items which you wanted to buy, premium account and X-crystals: 



Tanki X closure plan:

  • Payment services will be gradually disabled in September. We will not post on social media, echo.tankix.com will be closed, Wiki will not be updated, registration will be disabled.
  • Until the end of December 2019, some technical and experimental updates will be released, servers will be restarted at any time when needed
  • At the start of 2020, game servers will be disabled, all players data will be deleted. The website, forum and wiki will also be disabled.
  • You will be able to contact us regarding any questions about accounts and the game, even after the closure, via e-mail: help@tankix.com 

Furthermore, we invite you to our flagship project Tanki Online, which has reached the age of 10 this year and continues to be developed. At the end of the previous year, mobile version was released and the new interface was released in July and it has become more comfortable to play. 

We will send some cool promo codes for Tanki Online via email to those active players of Tanki X who were registered in Tanki X before 20.08.2019 and entered into the game at least once after the start of June to September 2nd, 2019. Emails will be sent in 2 work days.

These cool items will be in promo codes:

  • Thunder M1
  • Viking M1
  • Thunder Prime skin
  • Viking Prime skin
  • 25 containers
  • 10 weekly containers
  • Battle Pass
  • 3 days of Premium account


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