Tanki X now available on PlayKey!

Dear Tankers,

We know that many of you don’t have machines that meet the minimum requirements for our game, and there is nothing wrong about that, with the growth of the computer market it is very hard to keep up with the upgrades, even we have troubles with that sometimes. But we have prepared some good news today.

Doesn’t matter what specs you have on your PC, you can now enjoy the game just like everybody else. How? It is with the help of Playkey.net, which is a cloud gaming solution that allows you to play modern, top-rated games on low-performance PCs and laptops, as well as iMacs and MacBooks.

Tanki X play online — no download required PLAYKEY - Google Chrome_2

Upon signing up, you will be offered 15 minutes of demo play for free, without even the need to download their client and subscribe. Go now and try it!  If you like the performance and it is better on your PC, it will be worth subscribing.

Good luck on the battlefield.
Fire at Will!