The Battle of Corporation has concluded!

The second and the most massive “Battle of Corporations” is over. Not every tanker has shown desire to participate, thus deciding to give their allegiance to one of the two corporations, Frontier or Antaeus. It is their choice and we have to respect it. Hopefully, both corporations have learned a lesson when it comes to campaigning for war.

Non the less, the battle has ended in favor of “Antaeus”. They earned 500.000 points more than Frontier. Congratulations, Antaeus!



Antaeus Rewards

All Antaeus mercenaries already received:

  • 5000 Crystals each, upon hitting the 100.000 points mark;
  • the “Antaeus” paint upon hitting the 1.000.000 points mark.

Winning the whole battle has also earned Antaeus mercenaries 20 gold boxes each, and each of the mercenaries will also receive part of the overall crystal fund. which maker 1000 Crystals per mercenary.

As it was said, the overall points count at the end of the battle, will be multiplied by 2 and then turned into a fund of Crystals. In case one of the corporations wins, the fund will be split evenly among the mercenaries representing that winning corporation.

Let’s not forget as well, that Antaeus is also an economic mega-corporation and promised a special offer in case they win.


The corporation will sponsor a double X-crystals special offer, for 3 straight days after their victory.

The special offer will run starting at 21:00 UTC, September 17th, until 20:59 UTC, September 20th. Any number of X-crystals you will buy will be doubled.


Frontier Reward

Frontier did not manage to win, but they did stand strong against their enemy, given the low number of mercenaries they managed to bring together. The Frontier mercenaries only got to the 100.000 points mark and already received the 5000 Crystals each, but there is no question that every one of their mercenaries fought valiantly, knowing from the beginning that they will surely be overrun. They deserve their “Frontier” paint and they will receive it within a couple of days.

In order to lift the morale of their loyal mercenaries, Frontier will run their own special offer once the Antaeus one is done. It will reward players bonus experience points for an entire weekend, and while Antaeus will be sleeping after their celebration, Frontier will be working on upgrading their gear.

The special offer will run starting at 21:00 UTC, September 20th, until 18:59 UTC, September 24th. 


The list of all the participants of the Battle of Corporations is available HERE. If you didn’t find your nickname in that list, that most likely means that you did not follow all the steps of participation. If you are on this slit but will not receive any rewards in 5 working days, please contact @Artcore on our forum.

Other Rewards

What about the modules, might you be asking? Well, the work on them has already begun. This only means that the new modules (Yes! not one, nor two, but a couple) might not be as far from release as you might think.

About the paint? We will release on. Or we might release something even better. We’ll see!

Are we planning on running similar events in the future? Yes! But we will fix everything that went wrong with this one and make the next one more entertaining.

Fire at will!

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