The Hell Hounds Squad – Special Offer!

Hello, tankers!

The Hell Hounds Squad has opened their doors for two days. It is your chance to become one of the best! The Hell Hounds elite squad is always looking for promising commanders who will honorably represent the squad on the battlefield. Such opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

A new special offer is now available in our in-game store for a limited amount of time.

What is that you ask? This is a starter’s pack, that will help any player at a comfortable start.

It contains:

  • 500 X-crystals
  • 2000 Crystals
  • The “Tar” paint
  • An exclusive graffiti called “Hell Hound”

How does the offer work? 

This offer will become available to newly registered players after their third battle. The rest of the players will be able to use this offer after their first battle, after the release of the update.

Attention! The offer will run for only 2 days. It will start as soon as you’ve met the requirements (play 4 battles as a newbie or 1 battle as a veteran). After that, it will be removed from the store.

If you haven’t bought any X-crystals yet, you will also benefit from the 50% discount on your first payment.

Good luck on the battlefield, commander!