TX Development Roadmap for 2018!

Greetings tankers!

We’re happy to present to you the Tanki X development roadmap for the next half a year. These tasks are subject to change in terms of implementation order, but in essence, they will remain unchanged, meaning that they are taken into development. We want to be transparent in our plans and will try to cover the development process as often as possible.

Please keep in mind that the development of the game in 2018 is not limited by the plan below. These are just some of our main focuses.

  • The main focus of our development team for the next couple of months will be:
  • Improving the game experience for both new and veteran players;
  • Fixing the current matchmaking issues;
  • Balancing the weaponry;
  • Optimizing the game.

The development plan


  • Reworking the pre-battle lobby. Some of the first steps towards that will be making only the weaponry and equipment choices visible to other players (with the avatars being visible as well once they’re added).
  • Bonus points for an uninterrupted series of battles played, where each battle played will earn players bonus points. Breaking the series will result in the bonus being reset.
  • Deathmatch will return to Matchmaking.

Weaponry and Equipment

  • Weaponry balance, including fixing the Mammoth/Thunder combo problem.
  • Further development of the module system. An accurate and consistent balance of the current mechanics. We might even see resistances being implemented.
  • A slight correction of weapons parameters, aimed at creating more pronounced roles for different combinations and the possibility of constructing comprehensible builds.

Important! Any modules, weaponry, and other equipment balance will be done taking into account the resources invested in them by players and the effort they put into upgrading them. We will compensate it necessary.


  • Deconstructing/recycling the surplus of blueprints, with the possibility of getting different blueprints in return.
  • Implementing a rarity gradation system for all the in-game items: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
  • Reducing the number of containers with items that are for sale and reworking the item drop system. Only 3 to 4 containers will remain in the free sale, which will have different levels of value/rarity. They will work differently than the ones we have now. Once this change will be ready to be released, players will be announced in advance, so that they can have the chance of buying any desirable items before the changes are implemented.
  • Releasing the avatars, along with a rarity system and different ways of obtaining different avatars.
  • New paints, graffiti, and XT skins.


  • Improving the tutorial for the newcomers and adding video guides.
  • Improving the current premium system and the sales/special offers system.

Things that are currently being discussed and are under a “?” mark.

The implementation of the following tasks depends on their complexity and the allocated development time. If some of them prove to require complicated changes to the current system/mechanic, they can be postponed or canceled.

  • The possibility of having players create their own private battle and make it available for matchmaking (this would mean that they will be able to select whatever map and game mode available they want).
  • The possibility of being able to create private battles with bots.
  • A PvE mode (Player vs. Environment or none PvP) based on the game history and lore, such as battling against bots in a scenario.
  • Adding additional parameters for the matchmaking selection.
  • The possibility of temporarily nerfing players when they are matched with significantly weaker opponents.
  • A new graffiti spraying system (something much less boring than it is now).

Developer’s comment:
“When discussing solutions for current game problems and making decisions, we try to take into account our experience, player’s opinion, as well as the interests of the project. Very often this doesn’t come easily to us, because in a game, everything is interconnected and every change needs to be balanced with whatever functionality it is linked with or depends on, a lot of time to study the impact it can have on the economy and the gameplay. There are factors that are often preventing us from making the most desired changes in record time.”

A message of gratitude

The administration of the game would like to express their utmost gratitude to users that are constantly reporting problems on Echo and on our forum, as well as those who take their time to write complex suggestions. Each of those topics most often than not starts a discussion thread amongst the developers and helps them better understand what the players actually want.

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