TX News: Episode #1

Greetings, tankers!

Welcome to the first episode of our Tanki X News.

In this episode, we will be telling you about the milestones that we have reached since the official release, the changes that will take effect in the upcoming ranked season, and be announcing the upcoming celebrations and updates.

Post-release news

On the 13th of March, Tanki X was officially released. More than a month has passed and today we want to quickly go through some of the most important updates that were released during this time.

The warm-up phase is slowly getting perfected. All the modules now get their cooldown reset at the end of the warm-up phase. This way, every tanker starts the battle on equal terms.

We are currently testing another important change. This one will allow players to join an ongoing match only during the warm-up phase. Our main task now is to understand if this functionality will be indeed more effective than the previous one, in which players were allowed to join at any point throughout a battle.


The work on the interface is almost done. In April, we updated the interface for the player’s profile, settings menu, and friend’s profile. Players can now assign more comfortable control keys to be used for their active modules, as well as some other controls.

We made the first steps towards balancing the game’s economy, by focusing on its volume and dynamics. The ranked season rewards and the daily bonuses were increased. We also increased the number of crystals that drop from the league containers. Players will soon have the possibility of increasing their earnings with the help of battle missions. The daily quests will reset every 12 hours, with the premium quests being the only exception. Those will reset as before, once every 24 hours.


We’ve done a tremendous amount of work towards the optimization of the game, both server and game client wise. Our developers even decided to run some of those optimization updates through the open testing session for the first time, in order to ensure the stable operation of the servers and the game client, as well as to identify potential bugs.

The FPS issue will be fixed in one of the upcoming updates. We’re also working on fixing the lags and the mini freezes.

The Tanki X development team would like to thank those who participated in the open testing and shared valuable feedback.

This is definitely not the last open testing session. In the future, we will try to invite both the Russian and the English communities to such sessions, but that will mostly depend on developer’s needs and the goal of the testing session.

During the last couple of months, we actively worked on fixing bugs. We finally fixed the bug with the stuck battle ending screen, that was preventing players from getting their fairly earned reputation points and containers.


Our developers were successful in locating the victims of this bug and compensated them.

By the end of Spring, we will hopefully get rid of all the gameplay related bugs. We will also try not to miss or postpone fixes to such important bugs, in the future.

The Season of Heroes

And now, the most important news of this episode.

The Season of the Crow ended on the 19th of April. Players that played at least one battle during the last season already received the seasonal graffiti and well-deserved rewards according to the league they finished the season in. As always, the reputation was reduced for all the players before the beginning of the new season. More information about reputation reduction is available on our wiki page.

In February of this year, we made adjustments to our ranking system and reduced the amount of reputation that players from the Bronze and Silver leagues lose upon losing a battle. Two seasons later we can say that it was the right decision because it allowed players from lower leagues to showcase their real skill. However, the wide matchmaking searching range didn’t allow players with fewer upgrades to move up the ladder. Besides that, playing against high-rank players from higher leagues is often demotivating. The changes that we made to the new season is the first step towards solving this problem.


The Season of Heroes opens new possibilities for the Tanki X veterans and the most skilled players. The Master league has become truly competitive, with battles in stressful and harsh conditions, where players will fight for the highest season rewards and the Grand Prix.

The Master league will include every player that will manage to get more than 2500 reputation points. It is down to this mark that every high ranked player will have their reputation reduced at the end of the season. It is possible that in case the number of players in the Master league increases, the minimum reputation mark will be changed in the future.

The most important thing is that once you enter the Master league, you will no longer be matched against or with players from lower leagues.

At first, the matchmaking will mostly select 4v4 maps.

Additionally, we will soon add a penalty for leaving the lobby in a Master league battle. Later, we plan on changing the battle entering system for all the players. It is important to understand that in the Master league every action of your squad can affect the reputation count.

The season will last for six (6) weeks and is scheduled to end on May 31st. The rewards for this season have been increased by more than double for every player that has reached at least the Bronze league. Players from the Master league will get rewards higher than those in the Gold league. The top 50 players in the Master league will get even better rewards.


What about that Grand Prix we mentioned earlier? Well, the ultimate winner of the season, the player with the most reputation will be rewarded 30 containers, 9999 X-crystals, and the rarest paint in the game, the “Hero” paint which is one of a kind. It has a unique texture and visual effect. This paint will be passed from one winner to another, every season. This is definitely an item worth fighting for.


Very soon, we will announce new regular in-game contests that will offer the most active tankers a chance to climb higher on the ranked ladder.

Our community managers will be focusing on covering the events of the Master league more often. This includes releasing lists of players to have made it to the Master league, as well as conducting entertaining live streams with the best players in the league as guests.

At the end of April, we will publish a survey with the intent to learn your opinion about the recent changes. If players approve of them, we will start working on a page with the ranked ladder, on our website. After that, we will slowly start moving towards tournaments and eSports.


April is almost over. On one of the upcoming weekends, Tanki X will celebrate the Steam release anniversary. Even more exciting will be the celebrations in May!

Between the 1st and the 12th of May, you will be able to earn three (3) different containers in battle. These will contain rare skins, new paints, and graffitis. Oh, and increased experience rates are guaranteed.

Don’t miss on any contests and competitions, they can always earn you extra crystals and items.

Thanks for reading and have a nice season, tankers!

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