TX News: Episode #2

Greetings, tankers! Welcome to our second episode of TX News.

In this episode we will be telling you about:

  • Changes that were made to the game over the last two months
  • Development plans
  • And announcing interesting events that we have planned for July, August, and September.

Two rating seasons were completed since we increased the season rewards. First of all, we want to congratulate the brave tankers that managed to conquer the very top of the ladder board in both the seasons and earn the most unique paint in Tanki X, the “Hero” paint. These tankers are Immediate, the winner of the Season of Heroes, and God.FatheR, the winner of the Season of the Tiger. Congratulations!


An overview of the latest changes

Let’s go through the recent in-game changes.

At the end of April, we introduced daily rewards for new players. The rewards can be obtained during the first 15 days of playing. The most important part is that the chain of rewards is not interrupted if a player misses to log in one day or a number of days.

A new blueprints container called “Spy’s blueprints” appeared on the shelves of our in-game store in May. This container holds the largest number of tier 3 blueprints out of any other blueprints containers. You can find all the blueprints containers under the “Blueprints” tab in our in-game store.

On the 8th of June, we officially released Tanki X in Turkey. In honor of that event, we released a night version of the “Iran” map, which we called “Arabian night”. Tankers of different locales are playing on the same server, so you most probably have already met some of our Turkish comrades in battle.


In June, we also changed the way premium subscription works. Every type of premium subscription, even the 3 days one, now comes with a 4th quest, that will reward players X-crystals.

We added a new aim assistant – a laser. It works on turrets such as “Smoky, Hammer, Twins, Ricochet, Thunder, and Railgun. The rest of the turrets are using the old aim assistant. Both can be toggled on and off from the game settings menu.

We started working on the balance of weaponry and equipment The first step towards that was changing the way some of the modules work. These changes were aimed at fixing some mechanical flaws some of the modules were having. Our game designer, Alexey Kiselev, will now explain the next steps of the process.


“We are trying to make the gameplay more versatile and yet easily understandable. Our plans for the near future in terms of balancing consists of gradually changing parameters of turrets and hulls, which should not affect the physics of tanks too much, but should mainly affect the balance positively. One of the main goals of this approach is to allow players the freedom to find interesting combinations of turrets, hulls, and modules, which should either emphasize a specific role, or have a more universal combination. Every change made will be first put to test in our open testing sessions, so stay tuned and participate. Your feedback is very important to us, especially when we’re experimenting with things” – Aleksey Kiselev, Game Designer at Tanki X

Last month we released a survey about the changes that were made during the last couple of months. The results are published on our website. Thank you for taking your time to share your opinion thus making the game better!

Development plans

A more detailed development plan for 2018 was already published at the end of May and many things that were mentioned in it have already been implemented. What’s next?

Squad downsize

In one of the upcoming updates, we are planning on downsizing the squads under a new combat unit. Instead of squads, players will be able to form teams of two. Later, we are planning on bringing back the squads of 4 players, but we will limit their matchmaking search to only match them with squads of the same size.


Gold boxes

The new functionality for gold boxes is currently in the final stage of development. It is planned to be released in one of the upcoming updates and what it will do is allow players to buy and drop gold boxes in battle. The gold boxes will be available in packages of minimum 8 and up to 1000 pieces, and they will be available in our in-game store under a tab labeled “Gold boxes”.

A special button will be added to the battle interface, that will be set to Number 5 on the keyboard as default. Upon pressing it, a special battle notification will pop up, specifying the nickname of the player who has dropped the gold box. The box will drop above one of the available supply spawn spots.

In-game store

In August, we are planning on implementing a new gradation for items by their rarity. All graffiti, paints, ammunition, and skins, will be divided into 4 categories: common, rare, epic, and legendary.


Items that are more complex in development, such as ammunition, will have their price increased. We will make sure to notify everybody before these changes get implemented so that everybody can buy items at their old prices. Stay tuned for news on our website.

The development of the battle series feature has already begun. A reminder to those who forgot, the battle series feature will allow players to get higher rewards for a series of consecutive battles played. For example, the sixth consecutive battle will reward players with a 200% bonus experience! More details will be available closer to the release.

We are constantly working on fixing bugs and optimizing the game client. During the next couple of months, we will also be preparing for the next international release of Tanki X, which is planned for this Fall. Additionally, our team is busy answering one very important question. How to fix the matchmaking?


Summer is not really rich in holidays, but our team is working on compensating that with special events and offers.



On the 23rd of July, we are launching a special event in collaboration with our partners, Canyon. Upon buying X-crystals in our in-game store, you will get a special gift – a glowing paint called “Canyon”. This is a limiеd time offer, don’t miss it.

In August, we will assist to a massive battle between the Antaeus and the Frontier corporations. Players will be able to participate by equipping a new paint and complete special missions.


Finally, the most important announcement is that we’re going to have a tanki meeting in September, in Krasnodar, Russia. Both Tanki X and Tanki Online players will meet and spend an awesome weekend day together, with cool events and giveaways.

After the tanki meeting, we will run a special event in honor of our second OBT anniversary. Expect interesting contests and containers that can be obtained in battle.

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See you next time!

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