TX News: Episode #3

Greetings, tankers! Tanki X is back with a new episode of TX: News!

In this episode we’ll be telling you about:

  • The Battle of Corporations
  • The Tanki Meeting and a special offer
  • The Season of the Phoenix and other game updates.


The Season of the Phoenix

The 23rd of August marked the end of the 8th season that went by the name Season of the Kraken. We are very happy to congratulate the third owner of the “Hero” paint – Xts. Well done, buddy!

The Season of the Phoenix carries a symbolical meaning, as it introduced important changes to the rating system, which significantly improved the distribution of players in battles.

At the beginning of the new season, many players found themselves in the lower leagues. This was necessary in order to allow the system to calibrate players according to the new changes. As a result, skilled and well-equipped players will progress faster through leagues, whereas less prepared players will need to spend more time on getting their skill and equipment up to par.

Our matchmaking used to match players according to their rating only. But now, it also takes into account the difference in rating between the players and the two teams, in a battle.

You will find more details in the description. At the end of the season, we will evaluate the results and decide what changes to make for the following season.

The Economy

On the 28th of August, we are planning to release the gold boxes that you all requested. Additionally, as a result of your requests, we made them available in custom battles as well.


You will be able to acquire the new gold boxes from the “Boxes” tab in our in-game store, as part of a special offer dedicated to the Tanki Meeting, and from a promo code that is hidden in this video.

The new gold boxes can be dropped by players in battles. They contain Crystals and we don’t know yet how they are going to influence the game economy. It is impossible to predict that now, this is why focusing our attention on this part of the economy for the next couple of weeks is imperial to us.


We added a number of additional sources from which you can obtain Crystals:

  • The league containers, the ones that players earn in battles, now contain 50% more Crystals than before.
  • The synthesis of X-crystals into blue Crystals has become much more profitable. The exchange rate is now 1:50 (one to fifty).
  • We also significantly increased the reward for the duplicate items that drop from containers with skins and paints.


The Battle Streak

This feature is still in development, but we are ready to tell you a bit more about it.

A battle streak is a number of matches played without leaving any of them. For every finished battle, the player will be rewarded bonus battle points.

  • 1 battle + 5% bonus battle points
  • 2 battles +10% bonus battle points
  • 3 battles +15% bonus battle points
  • 4 battles + 20% bonus battle points
  • 5 battles and more + 25% bonus battle points


Previously, bonus points were rewarded only for the first battle of the day and they worked only as points for the container progress bar. The new system will reward a bonus that will add to both the experience and the container bar progress that the player has earned in a battle.

Leaving a battle, no matter for what reasons will interrupt the battle streak. We are planning on allocating more time to fixing technical problems the client or the server might have, as well as solving any type of issues related to the game crashing. You can always visit the Tanki X Echo Support site where you can report any bug or issue you might encounter.

Obviously, deserting a battle will also reset the battle streak. There are many players who desert their team and we believe that it is only fair if they get fewer experience points and containers in battle, until their deserter status is lifted.


The Tanki Meeting

Let’s move to the most interesting news!

On September 8th, in Krasnodar Russia, players from both Tanki X and Tanki Online will meet and share awesome moments. Players will spend time discussing the game with their friends and participate in various activities such as contests and giveaways. We will also have a special photo booth where they can take selfies with the developers of the game and not only.

What about presents? Don’t worry, nobody will leave the meeting without them. T-shirts, mugs, promo codes, gaming accessories from Canyon, and tablets from Prestigio.


The Tanki X panel will be hosted by Darya Stal, who will tell you more about the latest changes to the game as well as future development plans.

To celebrate the tanki meeting in-game, we’ve prepared a special pack called “Tanki in Town”. It includes X-crystals, a bundle of gold boxes, and a legendary paint called “Summer”, all for a humble price of 4.99 $. The paint got the legendary status because it will never be sold in our in-game store again. The offer will run until September 9th inclusive.


But wait, there’s more. Players who will buy the “Tanki in Town” pack will become eligible to participate in a special lottery during the meeting in Krasnodar. In order to participate, players will need to provide their nicknames in a designated area.

We will be waiting for you in the park starting at 1:00 PM local time. The entrance to the event is free, so get your friends and join us.


The Battle of Corporations!

Finally, the long-awaited news. We’re announcing the start of the Battle of the Corporations in Tanki X!

Starting September 1st, all players will be able to take part in a large-scale Tanki X battle for territory and deposits of crystals. To participate, you only need to buy, equip, and spray the Antaeus or the Frontier graffiti.

What’s next!? You FIGHT! Destroy as many tanks as possible and capture as many flags as you can get your hands on. The more points you score, the closer your corporation will be to victory.

Achieving the milestones on the Antaeus or Frontier progress bar will grant you awesome rewards, including an epic paint for each of the corporations. We’re pretty sure you will need the paint in the future! The first corporation to score seven million points or the one to finish the battle with a margin of more than five hundred thousand over the other one wins. The winning corporation will reward its loyal tankers with 20 gold boxes and a prize fund of crystals.


The result of the Battle of Corporations will determine the scenario for future events of this genre. The winning side will be the initiator of further military operations.

One more thing! The winning corporation will celebrate their victory by releasing new skins and paints. Which ones? That will depend on the result.

The Battle of Corporations is planned as a regular event. We will always try to improve the formula, this is why it is very important for us to hear your opinion. If you have any idea or suggestion, go and share them on our forum.

To battle and fire at will!

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