TX News: Episode #4

Greetings, tankers! Tanki X is back with a new episode of TX: News!

In this episode we’ll be telling you about about new modules, some important changes in the weapon balance, and of course, the preparations for new year holidays.


Let’s start with the toughest cookie — the game balance. The latest update has significantly changed the approach to upgrading modules, and improved matchmaking. Let’s look at it in order.

Now the turret damage and the hull armor do not depend on modules. All equipment stats have become fixed. This means that if modules are disabled, all players will be equal, and victory will depend exclusively on skill.


So now you’re probably asking, “Then why do we need to upgrade modules?”

Well, modules add an interesting variety of gameplay and tactics to the battle. Upgrading modules improve your equipment’s stats and reduce recharge time.

Of course, on the battlefield, the player with upgraded modules will have an advantage over those with non-upgraded modules. But now, the goal is not only to upgrade modules to make the tank more powerful, but also to use them in the optimum way. After all, the outcome of a battle depends not just on equipment, but on tactical expertise and fast reflexes.

The number of module levels in tiers 2 and 3 has increased to 10. Since upgrading a module to the maximum now requires more steps, we’ve reduced the price for each step.

All weapons in the game have been rebalanced due to these changes. For the most part, the changes are small, but as a whole they will be noticeable to experienced players.

Although these changes have been extensively tested during the open testing phase, their true impact can only be evaluated on the main battle server. Please share your opinion on the forum and below the video — it will help us make the balance even better.

New modules

Last summer, we started talking about new modules. Game designer Alexey Kiselev described the various mechanics during live streams. We considered many ideas, but in the end we kept the best four. Let’s look at them.

The Impulse Jump creates a point of propulsion that raises dust from the ground and flings the tank into the air. Upgrades increase the height of the jump and reduce cooldown. This is a great tool for fans of parkour, and can help you get the element of surprise in battle!


The Impulse Generator is an example of a completely different use of the same mechanics. The module creates a circular shock wave around your tank that pushes enemies away from you. This can be used to clear out your way.


The Fiery Ring module brings the heat down on your enemy. It creates a ring of fire around your tank, burning and damaging those caught in it.


And finally, the Explosive Mass is a cool combination of the other modules, spread over a large area of effect. This module powers up a charge and creates a powerful explosion, causing great damage to all surrounding enemies. Its power can one-shot light hulls, and seriously damage medium and heavy hulls. Since it’s such a powerful module, it has a very long cooldown. But if used intelligently, it can radically change the outcome of a battle.


Blueprints for the new modules have been added to all existing containers, including league containers that you get as a reward for battles, and containers in the game shop.

You can also find them in the new container “Scout blueprint”, which is available for a short time in the store. It contains a minimum of 90 blueprints for all four new modules, and costs 199 X-crystals.

This container will stop being available with the Christmas update at the end of December.

New year BC

The juiciest piece of news for this month is our Christmas event, and we’re ready to share some details with you right now.

The Christmas event will be a new version of the Battle of Corporations. The last Battle we had was in August. We tested out the idea and it proved quite popular, so this time we will be fully integrating it into the game.


On the 25th of December, you will see the announcement for the event launch. It will give you all the details you need to know, including rewards. To participate, you will need to click the button of the corporation you want to support.

Kills and flags will add points to the respective corporation’s counter, and you’ll be able to follow their progress in the game and on a special site.

You will also receive special corporation containers in battle, depending on your chosen faction. These containers will drop both new and old items.

During the event, we’ll also be holding a special New Year rating season, with unique graffiti as a reward. The battle of corporations and the new year season will last until January 10.

What awaits us in the near future? The release of the long-awaited avatars, automation of rating seasons, and after that, of course, February holidays.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy new year, tankers!



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