Upcoming Changes to Supplies

Hello, tankers!

We have some important news. The supplies in Tanki X are a subject of much debate. Many of you have repeatedly spoken out against the current supply system, and our developers have decided to radically change it. These changes should make the battles more balanced and greatly increase the value of supplies in battles.

These changes will occur in two phases:

Step 1: Balancing the supplies

The changes to the supplies mechanics will occur in one of the next updates. What will change?

  • The activation of a certain supply will no longer run the cooldown for other supplies.
  • Players will no longer be able to use their supplies right away, upon entering a battle or upon respawning. Pausing the game will not pause the cooldown on supplies.
  • The “Repair Kit” duration will be increased, but the healing power decreased.
  • The bonus damage from the “Double Damage” supply, will be reduced.

Step 2: Modules

With the implementation of the modules, supplies are going to be removed from the garage, leaving only the ones dropping on the maps, and some of their properties will be applied to the modules. More details about this will be available in our next episode of Developer’s Diary, on January 19th.

Share your opinion about the upcoming changes in the dedicated topic on our forum, by clicking HERE or the “Discuss on forum” button below.

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