Upcoming Changes to Store and Garage!

Greetings, tankers!

We’re preparing to release the new items gradation update at the beginning of next week. Together with that, we’re also going to make a couple of changes to items in the garage and the in-game store.

Items gradation according to their rarity

If previously you could only guess the rarity of an item or search for it on our wiki, now things will get more simple. The color of the text in the name of the item will inform you about the rarity of a certain item.

Here are the available gradations:

  • Common – these are the items that are most frequently found and easier to obtain. These items can be obtained by upgrading weaponry, buying them in your garage or in our in-game store (often for Crystals). Some can be found in containers that you can buy at any time.
  • Rare – these items have a higher value, are prettier, and are more difficult to obtain. They also cost more in the store or garage and drop less frequently from containers. These items include a majority of items from containers, Steel skins, and ammunition, except for the common and festive ones.
  • Epic – these are very valuable items and are even harder to obtain. These include:
    • Festive items that are usually released on certain celebrations, as standalone or in containers. These can return back to the store shelves only for a limited time;
    • XT skins;
    • Items that are part of special packs;
    • Paints such as Spectre, Canyon, and other glowing ones.
  • Legendary – these are items that are the hardest to obtain, and can only be obtained under certain conditions. They can not be obtained any other way, not even with X-crystals nor real currency. These include:
    • Paints such as the Steamultator, Beta Tester, TX: 1 Year, The beginning, Eastern Star, World Cup 2018, Tanki in Moscow, Hero;
    • The Hornet Beta skin;
    • The Beta Tester ammunition;
    • Graffiti such as Arms Race, TX: 1 Year, every seasonal graffiti;
    • Other exclusive items that are released only for certain international publishers and audiences.

We will start working on updating the TX wiki asap.

Item sorting in the garage

  • All the graffiti, paints, coatings, and ammunition are now sorted more conveniently:
    • items that the player owns, by alphabet;
    • items that come with an upgrade, by alphabet;
    • items that are available in our store or in containers, by alphabet;
  • Items that are unobtainable, such as the Legendary items, are no longer displayed in the items lists in the garage.

Increased compensation for duplicates

Players will now get significantly more Crystals upon getting a duplicate dropped from a container they open. It is basically 1/12 from the cost of the container. For example, if you bought an XT container and duplicate dropped, you will get 10200 Crystals.

Items that will be removed from the store shelves as standalone items. 


  • Champion (can be obtained from the daily login rewards);
  • Storm (can be obtained from the “Antaeus Skirmisher” pack on Steam);
  • Marine (can be obtained from a container);
  • Tundra (can be obtained from a container);
  • Savannah (can be obtained from a container);
  • Taiga (can be obtained from a container);
  • Clay (can be obtained from the “Antaeus Marksman” pack on Steam);
  • Corrosion (can be obtained from a container);
  • Rock (can be obtained from a container);
  • Inferno (can be obtained from a container and from the “Mercenary Flamethrower” pack on Steam);
  • Mary (can be obtained from a container);
  • Prodigy (can be obtained from a container);
  • Coal (can be obtained from a container);


  • Gloom, ammunition for Railgun (can be obtained from a container);
  • Violet, ammunition for Twins (can be obtained from a container);

Items that will have their price raised

The prices for the majority of our items were set more than a year ago before the game economy was changed. Now, we see that the value of items that take the longer and the hardest to develop is set pretty low. With the introduction of items gradation, we decided to increase the value of a number of items.

Attention! You can buy the items below at their old price before the update that is scheduled to be released next week!



One of the next steps for us in this area is to make the in-game store more comfortable. This will include reworking the container system, maybe changing the garage interface again. We are also planning on releasing a couple of new paints and skins of different rarity, from common to epic. But we’ll tell you more about it next time.

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