Update (11.12.2018)

Hello, tankers!

The game has been updated, we fixed some weapons characteristics to balance and matchmaking, and also added some features.


  • We brought back the lobby’s player balancing system, which was in use until December 7th and improved it a bit. It was finalized for a more equal distribution of players from different leagues across different teams.

  • The “Friendly Fire” option in the custom battles settings is no longer available in DM mode.

  • We added the ability to disable modules in the settings of custom battles. Along with the modules, gold boxes are disabled as well (description will be fixed in future), and by default in the first custom battle this option is disabled.

Balance improvements

  • The module “Explosive Mass” increased in damage. Now at level 10 the module will destroy all the hulls lighter than Dictator.

  • The module “Fiery Ring” has an increased the radius range and a maximum heating temperature.

  • The turret “Firebird” was slightly reduced in damage.

  • The turret “Freeze” was reduced in damage and freezing speed.

  • The turret “Isida” has a reduced distance of the beam and a damage. The power of self-healing was increased. We added a parameter “Self Healing Amount” to garage description.

  • The turret “Hammer” was increased in damage.

  • The turret “Ricochet” was increased in damage and power consumption per shot, and reload time between shots.

  • The turret Twins was slightly reduced in damage and increased fire rate.

  • Some bugs with the modules and weapons were fixed.


If you found some errors in the game, please report http://echo.tankix.com/

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