Update [19.10.2018]

A small update was released today, mainly related to a number of technical and legal changes.

  • We switched to a new credit and debit card payment system called PayByMe.
  • We removed the “Arms Race” signature from the Tanki X logo.
  • We added the option to disable the battle notifications that appear in the middle of the screen during battle.
  • We fixed the description of the “Emergency protection” module.
  • We fixed a bug in which the Radar module wasn’t properly detecting tanks that were equipped with the “Crystal Rage” skins.
  • We fixed a bug in which the modules menu was too small on screens with the resolution set to 1024×768 and 1152×864.
  • We fixed a bug in which the came client would crash in spectator’s mode when the spectator was switching to a player that had an active “Drone turret” module.

Have a nice weekend.

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