Update: Anti-flipping is back!



We’ve reimplemented the anti-flipping mechanic with readjusted parameters.

Developer’s comment:
Giving the big number of supporters, it was decided that we bring back the anti-flipping mechanic. We took into account every piece of feedback and opinion shared in the survey and have come to a middle ground option, in which we allow the tank flip over in certain situations.


  • The flipping probability has been decreased significantly.
  • If the tank flipped on its turret, it will most likely stay like this.
  • It is now easier to help an ally get back on its tracks.

Developer’s comment:
We took this opportunity to increase the turning speed of hulls. We’ve made the tank control more responsive, in order to increase the dynamic of the game. Hulls can now perform more precise maneuvers and moves that will take the enemy by surprise.


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