Update – Balance Changes + Hunter XT

Hello, tankers!

A huge update has been implemented today. It ranges from game economy changes and balance changes, up to new rare items and a new container.

We checked the statistics and every piece of feedback we’ve received during the past several months. As a result, we’ve decided to lower the priced for upgrades and increase the reward for the first quest, in order to increase the number of crystals a player can earn.

In regards to the equipment balance, we’ve just decided to start adjusting the turrets and draw them closer to their original intent, gradually balancing their characteristics, and possibly even their mechanics.

We thought it would be nice to finally give some attention to Vulcan and were thinking about how we can improve the mechanic of the turret. For now, we’ve decided to try and change its characteristics, in order to increase its usability in battles

From the moment we introduced the modules, we have been closely monitoring the statistics of the game, focusing on module statistics. We’re already preparing some plans to correct the distribution of modules to hulls, their slots, and the roles of the hulls. The current changes will impact the overall balance of the game, buffing the lighter hulls and weakening the heavy ones.

Two new containers have been released:

Hunter, a new container that costs 125 X-crystals and contains the following:

  • New skin called “Hunter XT(very rare skin);
  • New paint called “Sport“;
  • New graffiti called “Pixel Duck” and “Cave Man“;
  • “Tundra” and “Savanna” paints;
  • Gold skin for Hunter.

XT, a new container that contains all the available XT skins:

  • “Hornet XT” hull skin;
  • “Viking XT” hull skin;
  • “Hunter XT” hull skin;
  • “Smoky XT” turret skin;
  • “Thunder XT” turret skin;
  • “Railgun XT” turret skin.

The “XT” container will be available at 25% of the original price, until next Monday.

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