Update – Balance Changes

Dear tankers!

Thanks to the feedback we’ve received during the past couple of days, we’ve decided to make a few changes to the new gameplay mechanic and characteristics of several turrets.

  • The damage taken by hulls when hit to the front side of the hull has been increased depending on the hull type:
    • Light hulls — 60% of the standard damage, if hit to the front side.
    • Medium hulls — 65%;
    • Heavy hulls – 70%.

Developer’s comment: 

“After the last major update, the survivability of all the hulls has increased significantly, but it was the heavy hulls, Mammoth and Dictator, that got the most of it. In order to balance all the hulls, we’ve decided that it will be better if they receive different amounts of damage to the front side of the hull, depending on the hull type.”

Changes to Vulcan:

  • Barrel rotation time: 0.7 → 0.5;
  • Barrel stop time: 1 → 0.9;
  • Overheating time: 4–6 → 5–7.

By our calculations, its damage has been increased by 11.9%.

Developer’s comment:

“Right now, Vulcan is weak and thus less popular. We want our players to find interest in it again, and we believe that making it more dynamic and powerful, will do the trick.”

  • Firebird and Freeze will now ignore obstacles such as tanks and will spray right through them, including the destroyed tanks.

Developer’s comment:

“Obstacles, such as tanks (even the destroyed ones), have a huge impact on the melee side of the gameplay, and ranged turrets have a clear advantage. We hope that the interest in such turrets, especially Firebird, will grow after this update.”

  • We’ve fixed the issue that was allowing Smoky to critically hit a tank in its front side, for the full amount of the turret damage.


These might not be the final balance changes, we will continue testing the recent update, and we need your help!

If you happen to find any overpowered combinations of equipment or modules, please let us know. Make sure to add a comprehensive description, with numbers, calculations, screenshots or videos.

Thanks in advance!

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