Update: Battle Effects

Hello, tankers!

In our recent episode of developer’s diary, we said that we’re going to add a few special effects, that would have the role of helping players in battles, by offering important feedback whenever their tank gets hit (damage indicators) and when their tank’s health bar goes low.

  • The damage direction indicators will work when the enemy tank (the shooting tank) is out of range or/and when it’s out of sight. Normally, the indicators will only work with any weaponry except those that have a shorter range, such as the Mine, Drone, Freeze turret, Firebird turret, Isida turret, and Vulcan turret. If the player is in scope mode on a Shaft, the effect will be triggered by any type of damage with no exception.
  • Whenever the health bar of your tank goes low, a red post-effect will be triggered, to let you know about it. There was also a sound effect added.

Attention! We are aware that some of our players can’t purchase the special Hell Hound offer on steam because the button is not working for some of them. We are working on fixing that.


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