Update: Battle Ending Screen

We continue updating the interface of our game. Our update today is not only about that, but also about bug fixing.


  • We’ve updated the battle ending screen.
  • We’ve adjusted the matchmaking, so now it will prioritize ongoing battles with missing players.

update battle ending screen

Bug fixes:

  • We’ve fixed the bug that was allowing players to join a battle, even when it was already full;
  • “Deathmatch”, “Capture The Flag”, and “Space Battle” modes, will now become available at the declared ranks;
  • Players in the friends list are now displayed with a white icon if they’re online, and with a grey icon if they’re offline.


For any game related issues, please refer to our support site: http://echo.tankix.com/ ⚠
Make sure you search for the issue on the help site, before posting a new one, in order to avoid double posting

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