Update: Battle interface v.2

Greetings, tankers!

  • The second version of the battle interface, called “Focus mode”, was released this morning. The two versions of the battle interface are always available in battle, you can switch between them by pressing the “F2” button on your keyboard. You can not switch the interface as a spectator.
  • The shaking of the interface upon shooting, hitting the target, falling or during the destruction of your tank, is now linked to the shaking camera option. You can turn it on/off in the settings, under the “Game” category.
  • Hammer, Vulcan, and Shaft now have a special energy or ammo status bar. For Hammers, it is now split into 3 sections, one for each available shot. The bar for Vulcans is split into two section, the first bar will indicate how much left until shooting, the second one will indicate how much left until overheating. On Shaft, after shooting in scope mode (which consumes most of your energy). the bar will blink when the weapon is loaded enough to shoot in scope mode again.
  • A cooldown ready animation was also added to the new interface. When a module goes off the cooldown and is ready to use, it will trigger a very short but noticeable animation.

Update battle interface v.2

Additionally, we fixed a few bugs that were triggering lags and game crashes.


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