Update: Bug fixes!

Here is the list of bugs that were fixed with today’s update.

  • Upon using the “Invisibility” module, the player is now fully invisible to enemy players. The player himself, as well as his allies and spectators, can see the shape of his tank even while invisible.
    • Hint! Tanks leave trails, those can’t go invisible.
  • We fixed the duration of the “Invisible” module, which was 80 seconds at upgrade levels 5 and 6.
  • Hammer no longer shoots immediately after the use of the “Extra Mag” module. The module will still restore the mag to 100% but has a 2 seconds pause between the rounds.
  • For turrets such as Freeze, Firebird, Isida, and Ricochet, the “Extra Mag” module will now add additional ammunition upon use as a rule.
    • Before the fix, upon use, the module was setting the ammunition level at a certain percentage depending on the turret, which means that it was reducing the amount of ammunition if the module was used while the turret’s mag was at 100%.
  • For turrets such as Shaft, Railgun, Thunder, Smoky, the “Extra Mag” module will highly boost the reloading of their ammunition, by a certain % depending on the turret.
  • We’ve also optimized the newly implemented Laser aim assistant. Players should experience less FPS drops and lags upon using it.


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