Update: bug fixes and balance (19.12.2018)

Hello, tankers!

Today, according to the results of the statistics collected from the game statistics over the past week and from the survey, we made fixes of weapons balance.


  • The range for all melee range turrets was reduced.
  • The «Freeze» damage was reduced to 463 per second, the сharge time was increased to 7 seconds, and the recharge time was increased to 9 seconds.
  • The «Ricochet» damage was reduced to 265 per projectile, and the time between shots was reduced to 0.7 seconds.
  • The «Shaft» aiming time was reduced to 6 seconds.
  • The «Twins» damage was increased to 98 per shot.
  • The «Vulcan» has a new mechanic now: when overheated, it will heat the opponents. The speed and level of heating enemies depends on the level of heating of the turret. When using the «Temperature Block», the temperature of turret reduces and, therefore, it reduces the speed and heating level of the enemy as well.


  • The health points of all of the hulls was changed.


  • The «Emergency protection» recharge time was increased, the value of healing was reduced, and the duration of freezing was increased.
  • The «Impulse Generator» damage was increased.
  • The maximum heating damage of the «Fiery Ring» was reduced.
  • The «Ice trap» now has two mines at all levels, and it’s radius of affect was increased.
  • The effect of «Increased damage» was reduced.
  • The impulse of the «Impulse Jump» was increased, and the difference between level 1 and level 10 was reduced.
  • The recharge time of the «Lifesteal» was increased.
  • The reload time of the «Spider Mine», the damage, the deployment time and the speed were increased.
  • The «Temperature Block» has been redesigned because of the changes in «Vulcan» mechanics.
  • We fixed the bug with the module «Mine», which caused the damage radius to decrease when upgrading a level.

More changes:

  • Increased the drop rate of Tier-2 and Tier-3 blueprints in all containers, and the drop rate of Tier-1 was reduced.
  • We added the check box «Vertical synchronization» in the game settings. A change in this configuration requires a restart of the game.
  • We fixed the bug with settings of «Case Amount». Also, this setting now does not require restarting the game.
  • In the window with the results of the battle we added the information about a battle mode and a map.
  • We improved optimization of fog rendering, which will affect the increase in frames per second on maps with fog («Massacre», «Lake Hell» and «Iran»).
  • New atmospheric sounds have been added to the «Massacre» map.