Update: Bug fixes and optimization

Hello, tankers!

We’re expecting a high number of technical maintenances this week, as we’re working on optimizing our game’s client. Besides that, here’s a list of bugs that have been fixed this week.

  • The Shaft is dealing increased damage to an enemy tank’s turret, again.
  • Force Field is back to blocking damage from a Shaft’s scope shot.
  • The Railgun beam will visually not go through the Force Field anymore.
  • We’ve fixed the interface that was glitching during the opening of a container after a battle.
  • We’ve fixed the interface that was glitching when clicking on a container, right after opening another one.
  • Player’s profile does not take into account wins and loses in custom battles, anymore.
  • We’ve fixed the text glitches on the tab screen, during a battle.
  • We’ve fixed a small bug in which the custom battle results screen was disappearing after pressing Esc.

Additional Info: The Backhit Defence module protects from the Shaft’s damage not only the hull but the turret as well, for an analog percentage (depending on the upgrade level of your module).


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