Update: bug fixes

Here is a list of issues we fixed:

  • The game client no longer crashes during the MVP of the match screen.
  • The module level of the player on the MVP of the match screen is now displayed correctly.
  • We fixed an issue in which players kicked out of а battle for inactivity were seeing the timer and the score of the battle in his garage.
  • The game no longer tends to crush on “Repin” when landing a tank after using a jump pad.
  • When hovering over weaponry and containers on the post-battle screen, these will now display accordingly, weaponry level and the number of containers earned.
  • The +50% bonus from premium wasn’t displayed on the post-battle screen, even though the credited amount was right.
  • In Deathmatch, the results of the MVP of the match were displayed as “Draw”.
  • A couple of issues related to the interface and the in-game store.
  • A couple of issues related to the tutorial.
  • The game should now freeze less upon activating the “Spider mine” and the “Drone Turret” (let’s keep an eye on this fix and report).


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