Update: Changes to Freeze and more.

Hello, tankers!

Today, we released an update that affected the gameplay of Tanki X. Let’s see what has changed.


  • An allied Freeze can now cool down a Vulcan.
  • The teleport charges players receive in daily bonuses will now stack up even above the container limit (this does not apply to the free charges that players can get from the store).
  • A sound, notifying players that the matchmaking has found a game, was added (the sound will also play if the client is minimized).
  • A notification about the received containers was added to the post-battle screen.
  • The battle points earned in battle will now be taken into account upon upgrading and container earning without deducting points for self-destruction (previously, points were calculated this way only for the player’s rank).

If ever find yourself in a situation in which you think that the system didn’t count your battle points right, please screenshot it and report it on http://echo.tankix.com/

Bug fixes:

  • The progress bar for the container with blueprints will now display the points the player has earned for kill-streaks and assisting allies.
  • We fixed a bug in which the game was displaying all the modules of an MVP player, on the post-battle screen.
  • We fixed a bug in which spectators could not see the armor provided by the “Invulnerability” module.
  • We fixed minor interface bugs.


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