Update – Container “Tanki 2.0”

A new container called “Tanki 2.0” is now available in our store, at the price of 150 X-crystals.

This container was created in memory of one of the first attempts of the corporation, to create the Tanki X weapon, which concluded into a huge explosion at the factory. Its current engineers have decided to recreate an improved version of the weapon using the old schematics.


  • Very rare skins called “Shaft 2.0” and “Viking 2.0”;
  • New graffiti called “Tanki Online 2.0” and “Marshal”;
  • New paint and coating called “Roger”;
  • A few other paints and coatings: “Flora”, “Swamp”, “Winter”

A couple of new gameplay related updates are currently in development and are almost ready to be rolled out during the following days.

If you wish to discuss this update, join the dedicated topic on our forum.

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