Update: Context Menu

Greetings, tankers!

We’ve released a pretty important update today. Let’s take a look, what has been added and what has been fixed.

  • We’ve added a context menu that allows you to interact with other players. It can be accessed both during a battle or after, and has three options:
    • Add to Friends list;
    • Block/ Unblock (you won’t be seeing that player’s messages while he’s blocked);
    • Report (Once per battle, you can report one player. This is the first version of this feature and all the reports will be gathered and processed by our customer support agents. That is also the reason why only one report per player per battle is allowed. We don’t have enough agents to allow more than one report per battle).

Developer’s comment: 
This context menu that allows interaction with other players is the first step towards the implementation of Squads. In order for the feature to work, we have to prepare and implement a few additional functionalities like this context menu and improved friends list. These updates will be gradually released, opening up the way for the release of “Squads”!

update context menu

Other changes:

  • We’ve added a visual effect for the Ice Trap, upon triggering;
  • We’ve refined the blueprints cards, that drop from containers.

Bug fixes: 

  • We’ve fixed the bug in which fast scrolling through containers in the store, would not change the container’s preview.

Attention! The spectator’s mode is malfunctioning. Our team is working on fixing it asap.


For any game related issues, please refer to our support site: http://echo.tankix.com/ ⚠  
Make sure you search for the issue on the help site, before posting a new one, in order to avoid double posting

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