Update: Deserter and bug fixes!


  • We’ve added a special status for players leaving battles prematurely, called “Deserter“.
    • If the player leaves 2 out of 4 last battles prematurely, he will receive the “Deserter” status.
    • The player will not receive the “Deserter” status in the following cases:
      • he has left the battle lastly;
      • the entire enemy team left.
    • In order to remove the “Deserter” status, the player will have to play a number of battles to the very end (the number of battles he has to play in order to remove the “Deserter” status, will be displayed in the garage);
    • Players with the “Deserter” status, will only be able to play with players with the same status;
    • Playing custom battles will not help remove the “Deserter” status.

Developer’s comment: 
“The majority of our players understand that leaving a battle prematurely is a matter of honor. We support that kind of position and would like to urge others to adopt the sportsmanship behavior. Players have to take responsibility not only for oneself, but for the outcome of the entire battle, and they will be rewarded for their excessive effort. 

The new matchmaking system isn’t perfect, its major flaws will soon be fixed, and we better already start adapting to fair battles.”

  • More info about the crystals earned in the current battle will be displayed on the battle ending screen;
  • Starting now, the CTF mode will become available at rank 4, and “Deathmatch” at rank 5;
  • The time allowing players to join an ongoing and a freshly started battle has been increased from 3 to 4 minutes.

Bug fixes:

  • Players with higher mastery level were often matched with players of lower mastery levels. As a result, players with higher mastery levels were not earning as much Experience and not as many Crystals – fixed;
  • Players were not able to invite friends to custom battles – fixed;
  • The invitation to join custom games was pretty disruptive – fixed;
  • Players were unable to complete daily quests – fixed.

More bugs will be fixed during this week.


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