Update – Game Balance


  • The damage inflicted to the front side of a hull has been returned to its previous values;
  • The damage inflicted to the rear side of the hull has been increased to 130%;
  • In scope mode, Shaft will now deal damage as follows: 50% to the front side of the hull, 65% to the rear, and 100% to the turret;
  • We’ve increased the armor of every hull:
    • Light hulls +20%
    • Medium hulls +15%
    • Mammoth +10%
    • Dictator +5%

Developer’s comment:

Our team continues to work on the balance of the game in order to find the sweet spot. We don’t want the tanks to be so easily destroyed like they’re made out of cardboard, and at the same time, we want to our game to be dynamic. We’ve reduced the difference between the damage a hull can receive on its front side, and the damage received on its rear side so that hunting a hull’s rear would not be the only winning strategy.

Also, turrets will hit the front side of a hull for the amount of damage that is displayed in their characteristics panel in the garage.

Now, about the increased armor. With this change, we don’t only compensate for the increased damage on turrets, but we’re also balancing the hulls between each other. Statistically, heavy hulls, Dictator, in particular, had an excessive advantage over the other hulls.


  • The registration, login, and password recovery screens are now under the new interface;
  • We fixed a few bugs related to the login screen.

In addition, we’ve fixed the bug, in which modules that were installed on a preset in the garage, were switched after entering a battle.

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