Update: Gold Boxes

A new update has hit the Live servers.

Crystal Synthesis

  •  The synthesis of X-crystals into blue Crystals has become much more profitable. The exchange rate is now 1:50 (it was 1:10 before).

For example, for 100 X-crystals you will now get 5000 Crystals. 

  • We also significantly increased the reward for the duplicate items that drop from containers.

For example, if you open a container worth 150 X-crystals and you randomly get an item that you already own, you will get 7500 crystals as compensation. 

Gold Boxes!

The Gold Box is an item that will reward 1000 Crystals. Players can now drop them on the battlefield with a click of a button. The default button is 5, but you can reassign it to any key you want in the game settings.

The gold boxes will be available under a separate tab called “Boxes”. These can be bought only with a real currency, depending on the country or region of your residence.

Here are the different categories of boxes and their prices:

  • A pack of gold boxes (8 boxes) – 1.49$
  • A pile of gold boxes (80 boxes) – 9.99$
  • A wagon of gold boxes (800 boxes) – 69.90$
  • A mountain of gold boxes (1000 boxes) – 73.90$

How does the gold boxes work?

  • The button to drop a gold box is active only if you have a gold box available in your garage (the number of boxes available is shown below). The button will be inactive if there is another gold box or a couple of them, queued to be dropped at that current time in the current battle.
  • You can not drop more than one gold box per minute.
  • You can not drop a gold box during the warm-up time or the last minute of the battle.
  • Upon dropping a gold box, the battle log will show which player has dropped the gold box.
  • The gold box will drop on a random free supply spawn point. If there are no free supply spawn points at the time of dropping, the box will go into a queue, to be dropped as soon as a supply spawn point becomes free.
  • No more than 16 gold boxes can be dropped during a battle.
  • Should a battle end earlier or if there are gold boxes still in the drop queue even after a full-length battle, all the boxes in the drop queue will return back to corresponding players’ garage.

A small exception!

  • Should the battle end earlier and a box was already deployed (the siren went off, the notification popped, and the box is already dropping) the box will not return to the player that dropped it.

“Tanki in Town” Special Offer!

To celebrate the Tanki Meeting in-game, we’ve prepared a special pack called “Tanki in Town”.

It includes:

  • The legendary new paint called “Summer”
  • 500 X-crystals
  • 10 Gold Boxes

All of the above for a humble price of 4.99 $

Players who will buy the “Tanki in Town” pack will become eligible to participate in a special lottery during the meeting in Krasnodar, on September 8th. More info on that will be provided later today. 

The terms and conditions of the offer:

  • The “Tanki in Town” pack will be available until 20:59 PM UTC, September 9th.
  • The pack can only be bought once per account.
  • In order for the offer to active, players must first play 1 full battle.
  • You will find the pack in the “Special Offers” tab in our in-game shop.
  • The “Tanki in Town” pack and the legendary “Summer” paint will never be available for sale again, after the end of the celebration.

Bug fixes: 

We fixed the bug in which the price for premium was displayed incorrectly, as well as the infinite notification and offer to extend the premium time on your account.

Known bug:

Temporarily rented tanks with the “Legendary Base” offer, are missing modules in battle. We are working on fixing this bug in our next update or maintenance.

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