Update – May Holiday Celebrations

Hello, tankers!

May is a month of many celebrations and we have prepared something special for these events.

We’re kicking off with the International Workers’ Day or Labor Day, today, and Victory Day (a holiday celebrated in Russia) on 9th of May.

  • We’ve increased the gold box drop rate until 3rd of May;
  • We’ve increased the reward in crystals for destroying a tank on different levels, up to 50% more on higher levels;
  • A holiday container called “Victory Day” has been released today. It contains:
    • Unique holiday special skins for Railgun, Smoky, Thunder, Hornet, Hunter, and Viking, called “Victory Day”;
    • Guerrilla, Cedar. and Urban paints and a unique holiday special paint called “Triangle“;
    • Unique holiday special graffiti called: “First of May“, “Motherland“, “Iwo Jima“, and “Hero“;
    • Gold skins for Isida, Shaft, Hammer, Dictator, Titan, and Wasp.
  • This container can be purchased in the garage, as well as earnув in battles until May 9th. The only rule is that you need to earn 200 battle points or more in order to have a chance at receiving a container;
  • We’ve also done a number of fixes and improvements to the interface.

More treats will follow during the next couple of days. In the meantime, join our forum for discussions and don’t forget to share your feedback with us.


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