Update: Interface, warm-up, bug fixes!

Good day, tankers!

The first update this April brings us a couple of long-awaited changes. Let’s check them out!


  • We’ve updated the interface for the player’s profile menu as well as friend’s profile. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the weaponry statistic had to be reset. Wasn’t the case for the rest of the statistic.
  • The battle interface will now display the assign keys for modules and other re-assigned controls.
  • After the warm-up is done, the cooldown for modules will now be reset. Additionally, the battlefield will be cleared of mines, drones, shields, and other traps or devices, before the actual battle starts.


Bug fixes:

  • We fixed some of the in-game text.
  • We fixed a bug in which players that were trying to get into an already finished game, after an accidental disconnect, weren’t receiving their rewards.


  • From now on, 2 minutes before a server restart, maintenance, or update, players will get a notification message with a timer. All the ongoing battles will be automatically finished and closed 30 minutes before the server shut down/restart.
  • Important! During the 2 minutes timer, we strongly advise players not to join any battles.

Weekly Sale:

The new weekly sale is starting today. Players will now be offered to buy a rare item (that can only be obtained from a container) and a popular container with a discount.



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