Update: Interface

New module menu

  • The menu will now display both the turret and the hull in one window, allowing you to also see your presets and configure any of them.
  • To install modules, simply drag any of them into an empty slot, or double click on a module, it will automatically install it into the first available slot.
  • Clicking on a module icon will display its characteristics and description.
  • Upon hovering over the upgrade module button, you can now see how much will the upgrade improve both your tank and your module.


New battle ending window

  • At the end of a battle, the MVP of the match will be put on the display for everybody to see.
  • The post-battle statistics and reward windows have become more detailed and convenient to use.




Bug fixes

  • We fixed an issue in which the first installed mine didn’t disappear after the third one was installed.

We’re expecting potential server restarts due to additional bug fixing, today.


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