Update: Introducing Warm-up!

Greetings, tankers!

The pre-battle warm-up is a feature we announced back in January, and it will allow tankers to start the battle simultaneously. It is a short period of time before every battle, that has the purpose of allowing players with longer loading times to join battles without being penalized for that.

During the warm-up, only the individual score is taken into account. The team score and the battle timer will start once the warm-up is over and every player entering the battle has supposedly finished loading.

The warm-up will last:

  • One minute (1 min) the Training and Bronze leagues.
  • A minute and a half (1,5 min) in Silver, Gold, and Master leagues.

In case if Silver and Bronze league players end up in the same battle, mostly because there are not enough players queuing for the matchmaking, the timer will last between one minute and a minute and a half.

When the warm-up is over, the position of all the tanks on the map will be reset.

This feature will be further adjusted during the next couple of weeks. We’re also releasing a survey today, about the updates we released over the last couple of weeks.

Update: Introducing Warm-up!



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