Update: Kill series and Bug fixes

Kill series

We decided to improve the previously added kill series effects.

  • They now have a better design
  • We added a number of additional series
  • Every series higher than triple kill (included) now rewards battle points.

Let’s take a look at these series:

  • Double Kill (2 frags):  +0 points
  • Triple Kill (3 frags):  +5 points
  • Ultra Kill (4 frags):  +7 points
  • Kill Streak (5 frags):  +10 points
  • Turret Crasher (10 frags):  +10 points
  • Tank Grinder (15 frags):  +10 points
  • Violence (20 frags):  +20 points
  • Rampage (25 frags):  +30 points
  • Monster Tank (30 frags):  +40 points
  • Unstoppable (35 frags):  +50 points
  • Godlike (40 frags):  +60 points
  • Godlike (40+ frags):  +70 points


Bug fixes

Here are a number of other issues that we fixed during the last couple of days:

  • Vulcan will overheat as before, even with a Temperature block installed. Additionally, Temperature block will no longer save your tank from burning after a Firebird attack.
  • We fixed a big because of which, some of the players were unable to enter a battle with a squad, or a solo match after a battle with a squad.
  • We removed the bots from high ranking battles.
  • We fixed a bug that wasn’t letting some players claim their daily reward.


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