Update: Map Balance

Hello, tankers!

Big day today, as we’ve just made the first steps towards map balancing. We’ve updated graphics and other materials, as well as optimized the client by fixing crashes and other fatal errors, as a result, we got 500 Mb worth of update.


We updated the Rio, Sandbox, and Area-159 maps.

Developer’s comment: 
“Our game is slowly moving away from its progenitor “Tanki Online”. However, in order to pay tribute to the legendary game, we’ve decided not to change the maps from Tanki Online too much, but rather focus on developing new cool content. The small updates to the old maps are aimed at making them comfortable to be played on. The only exception is the maps with huge imbalance in terms of respawn points. The most popular example of such a map is Rio. It is this map that underwent the most significant changes.”

Changes to Rio:

  • The red team’s flag has been moved down to the ground. It now makes it harder to capture.


  • The map has become more symmetrical, so that everybody playing on it, has now equal chances of winning.
  • To eliminate a small imbalance that was favoring long-range turrets, we’ve added additional covers on the ground, around the respawn area.

Update Map Balance

Changes to Sandbox and Area-159:

  • Both these maps underwent slight changes, as they are the most balanced, hence, the most popular. The changes were aimed at making them comfortable to be played on.
  • On Sandbox, we’ve added an additional cover to the opposite side of the house/barn.


  • On Area-159, we’ve reduced the number of useless covers that were reportedly only ruining the game experience.


  • Additionally, we fixed the error in the tutorial, that was allowing players to continue the training after they’ve completed it.


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