Update: Matchmaking Ranges

Greetings, tankers!

Matchmaking ranges

We released an update this morning, in which we’ve changed the reputation points ranges according to which players are matched in ranked and quick battles:

  • 0-170
  • 140-300
  • 150-550
  • 450-850
  • 650-999999

Developer’s comment: 
“We continue working and testing the matchmaking system along with the rating system, gradually increasing the number of online players. Because there aren’t so many players with high reputation points playing the game, we’ve increased the reputation points ranges in the upper side of the ranking ladder, while in the lower side, we’ve made it so that these different ranges intercross each other more often. The system will initially try to match players with a very close reputation points indicator, however, in case the system won’t be able to find such players, it will look in the in the pool of players that are in the rating intercross area.”

The Deathmatch mode and the Space battles have one common range, except for the newbies, who are matched with players with under 170 reputation points. We’re looking for ways to change the format of these modes, in order to make them more popular.

Other changes: 

  • We updated the text in the X-crystals section of our in-game store. It should now be clearer.
  • We’ve added bots to the initial few levels of the Bronze league. We’re testing different settings and behaviors of bots, in order to improve their work.
  • Players to have lost upgrades levels of their mine module, due to a bug in the tutorial, have been compensated with a nice bonus of +1 upgrade.


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