Update: Modules Balance Changes!

Changes to modules


  • Its effect duration was increased from 8-10 seconds to 15-30 seconds;
  • Its cooldown was increased from 32-25 seconds to 45-30 seconds;

Note! The first digits before the hyphen are the characteristics of the module on level 1. The digits after the hyphen are the characteristics of the module on maximum level.


  • This module now has a cooldown;
  • We fixed the bug in which the module would trigger several times at once upon destroying multiple enemies.

Temperature block:

  • We significantly increased the resistances it gives against heat and cold, on every level.

Backhit defense:

  • The damage reduction effect was reduced from 15-25% to 10-20%;

Increased damage:

  • We increased the effect time of this module;
  • Provides 30-50% bonus damage depending on the level of the module, depending on the upgrade level of the module. The damage will no longer randomly range from a minimum to a maximum amount.


  • Its cooldown was changed from 35-25 seconds to 40-25 seconds;
  • Its effect duration was changed from 8-10 seconds to 5-11 seconds.

There are currently a couple of issues with this module. We will fix it first thing next week. 

Accelerated gears:

  • The rotation speed, as well as the acceleration of the rotation, increases only on level 2 and above. The maximum indicator was changed from 30 º/s to 50 º/s.

Extra mag:

  • It now restores only 50-80% of the turret’s mag, depending on the upgrade level of the module;
    • Its cooldown was changed from 30-35 seconds to 45-25 seconds;


  • Its effect duration will now be increased upon upgrading, from 2 to 3 seconds.


Other changes

  • We added the laser aim assistant to every turret except Vulcan, Firebird, and Freeze. The laser can be toggled on/off in the game settings;
  • We slightly changed the layout of the pre-battle lobby. Players will no longer see the nicknames and ranks of other players except for the players in their squad;
  • We reduced the damage hulls take to their rear side from 30% to 20%;
  • The “Adrenaline” module now has its characteristics properly displayed.

Attention! We are aware the Hammer turret has a couple of issues, or better said, the modules on Hammer kind of get out of control for some reason. We are working on fixing it!


New paint!

In celebration of the World Cup 2018, we designed a brand new paint called “World Cup 2018”

  • It can be acquired in our in-game store for 499 X-crystals;
  • It can also be obtained as a gift upon buying 2 or more X-crystals packages in our in-game store.


The paint will be available for sale until the 15th of July.


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