Update: new ammunition and avatars

Hello, tankers!

We congratulate you on the fact that 2019 has finally come on all calendars! The Eastern holiday on the lunar calendar is dedicated to today’s update.

New ammunition!

In honor of the Eastern New Year holiday there are two new epic ammunition at a price of 549 X-crystals on sale from 7 February to 14 February. After February 14, these ammunition will disappear from the permanent sale, but can periodically return for holidays or weekly sales.

  • “Moon” for “Ricochet”

The RK-01A ammunition — codenamed “Moon” — was used by the Frontier corporation as an aim-assistance device for the “Ricochet” turret. When fired, RK-01A projectiles leave a trail that makes it easier to assess the behavior of the “Ricochet” shots and adjust accordingly. For a long time, the RK-01A was considered lost. But some mercenaries recently stumbled upon an abandoned Frontier outpost with a warehouse containing a full cache of RK-01A. Within a few days, the ammunition was already being circulated on the black market.

  • “Dragon” for “Thunder”

The OST-15 ammunition was nicknamed “Dragon” for a reason. This ammunition is treated with a special type of gunpowder that causes the flame to act as a smokescreen, reducing the enemy’s visibility. Additionally, the gunpowder is mixed with a highly combustible solution that sets fire to the air wherever it spreads, keeping it burning for a brief time. However, the temperature of these flames is too low to actually heat up an enemy tank.

New avatars

  • We added another 30 flags of different countries on sale for 3000 crystals. You can find them in the bottom of the list in the menu of avatars (click right mouse button in the garage).
  • We added avatars in special offers “Hell hound”, “Alpha Squad”, “Hydra Squad”, “Black widow Squad.” Players who have previously purchased these kits can find these avatars in their list.


Changes in the balance of weapons

  • “Firebird” — increased damage from 517 to 546, increased full reload time from 5 to 6 seconds.
  • “Railgun” — reduced damage from 1020 to 918, reduced cooldown from 5 to 4.4 seconds.
  • “Ricochet” — reduced damage from 308 to 294.
  • “Shaft” — reduced aiming time from 5.5 to 5 seconds, increased aimed damage from 1188 to 1244, reduced charge consumption for arcade shot from 90% to 70%.
  • “Thunder” — reduced damage from 700 to 600, reduced cooldown from 3.5 to 3 seconds.

Other change:

  • We added the opportunity to copy messages from the chat on the right mouse button.
  • We added the opportunity to copy the name of the tanker from the table in the battle of the right mouse button.
  • We added tooltips with descriptions of all turrets, hulls, ammunition and other items in the garage. The missing descriptions will be added soon.
  • We fixed an issue where it was possible to display a menu on right mouse button in the table of battle on yourself and accidentally mute the chat for yourself.
  • We fixed bug with the top killzone on the map “Repin.”
  • We added killzones on some roofs at the map “Rio”.

Enjoy the game!

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