Update: New Battle Mechanic

Hello, tankers!

In today’s update, we’ve implemented a new mechanic as well as a few adjustments and additions to the already updated game interface.

  • We’ve updated the design of the in-game intermediate results screen (Tab). Its design now corresponds to the rest of the interface.
  • We’ve updated the “Match Details” screen, that is displayed post-battle. It now displays the final score of the battle, in team based modes. In addition, if a player has earned a container, this information will be displayed only to him, no other player will be able to see that.


  • We’ve made it so that the game interface, scales down on small displays.
  • We’ve implemented a new mechanic. Starting now, if one team has significantly dominated the other team in a battle, and that is also proved by the score, the battle can end prematurely.
    • If in CTF mode, the difference between the teams is more than 6 flags captured, or in TDM, the difference is more than 30 destroyed tanks, a 30 seconds time will start. During these 30 seconds, the losing team will have to reduce the difference, otherwise,  the battle will end prematurely by the end of the 30 seconds timer.
    • The timer will reset as soon as the difference is reduced by 1 flag, or 4 kills, respectively (depends on the difference). in TDM, the difference reduction can also be influenced by the self-destruction of the dominating team.
    • This mechanic will kick in a minute after the battle has started (it will only start counting the difference, will not activate the timer yet), and will stop before the last 2 minutes of the battle.



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