Update: New Map and Paints!

Greetings, tankers!

Today, during the second half of the day, Tanki X will officially be released in Turkey. This is one of the many countries and regions that we are planning to release the game in, during the second half of this year and the entirety of the next year. We believe this is a good reason to celebrate, just a little.

New map

Or better said, an old map with a new visual design. Specifically for this event, we are releasing the reworked Iran map under the name “Arabian night”.

“The desert at night can be a very cold place unless you’re in the midst of a battle. Both Antaeus and Frontier are alternately trying to catch each other by surprise by attacking at different times of the day. Your platoon was ordered to attack today at dusk. Make sure your tank is in excellent condition, equip your best paint, and get ready to blow up some enemy steel. One tanker can make all the difference. Today, that tanker is You!”

Arabian Night Update

New paints

Between the 8th and the 20th of June:

  • Use the “EasternStar” promo code and get a gift paint called “Eastern star“!
  • An additional paint will be available in our in-game store, called “Mosaic” for the price of 250 X-crystals.


These paints will become unavailable on June 21st.

Have a wonderful week and have fun!

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