Special Update


Greetings, tankers!

On September 15th, Tanki X will mark 2 years since its release into the Open Beta. For some, this date doesn’t mean too much, but the veterans of our game remember the 15th of September, 2016, as the last account reset with all its achievements.

For this special date, we released a beautiful and dynamic new Tanki X art. You will surely notice it on the loading screen and if you want it as your desktop wallpaper, you can download it HERE.

Now, let’s move on to our special update.

The “Crystal” Container and Skin Effects

We released a new container that contains brand new skins with unique effects. This is something new and never seen in Tanki X before.

Between the 13th and the 23rd of September, at 20:59 UTC, a new container called “Crystal” will be available on our in-game store shelves.

It contains:

  • Rare skins:
    • “Crystal” for Hammer, “Crystal” for Hornet, “Crystal” for Viking, and “Crystal” for Vulcan (without effects). These skins are also sold as stand-alone items at a price of 1399 X-crystals or 75.000 Crystals. They will remain for sale in our in-game store even after the event (most probably forever).
  • Epic skins:
    • “Crystal Glow” for Hammer, “Crystal Glow” for Hornet, “Crystal Glow” for Viking, “Crystal Glow” for Vulcan. These are Epic skins, which means that they might return for sale as stand-alone or in special celebration containers, in the future.
  • Epic skins:
    • “Crystal Rage” for Hammer, “Crystal Rage” for Hornet, “Crystal Rage” for Viking, “Crystal Rage”, for Vulcan. These are Epic skins, which means that they might return for sale as stand-alone or in special celebration containers, in the future.
  • Legendary skins:
    • “Crystal Discharge” for Hammer, “Crystal Discharge” for Hornet, “Crystal Discharge” for Viking, “Crystal Discharge” for Vulcan. These skins can only be obtained during this event and only from containers. They will be removed from our in-game store completely, after the event. They will only remain in the garages of those that acquired them during this event.
  • Epic paints from previous celebrations:
    • Disclaimer! For those that will feel the need to express their objection towards the fact that we’re selling legacy items again, please be aware that when we implemented the item gradation system, we mentioned that Epic items will be occasionally brought back on the shelves. All the items below are of Epic Rarity.
    • Arrows of Love, Triangle, Mosaic, Military, Red Banner, Universe, Starry Sky, Spring Colors, Bananas, Vostok-1, Halloween, Andromeda, Antarctica, Spark, Ice, Orion, Radiation, Halloween 2017, Canyon, and Spectre.


  • 1 container – 199 X-crystals
  • 3 containers – 529 X-crystals
  • 10 containers – 1499 X-crystals
  • The compensation for duplicate items – 10.000 Crystals.

The Legendary “Crystal Discharge” skin with effect, for Vulcan and Viking, Hammer and Hornet. 

It also leaves trails of awesomeness behind it, upon moving.

Battle Streak

Every battle played until its end, will earn you accumulated bonus points:

  • First consecutive battle +5% bonus battle points;
  • Second consecutive battle +10% bonus battle points;
  • Third consecutive battle +15% bonus battle points;
  • Fourth consecutive battle +20% bonus battle points;
  • Fifth consecutive battle +25% bonus battle points.

Reminder! Battle points are basically experience points and at the end of every battle they are distributed to the turret and hull upgrade progress, rank, and blueprints container progress bar.



  • Leaving the battle or closing the game client on purpose, accidentally, or even because of technical issues, will end the battle streak. In case of client crash or any other unintentional client errors, the player has 2 minutes to return to the battle.
  • The battle streak bonus will not work for players with the Deserter status.

Additional information related to the update: 

  • We removed the container progress bar bonus points for the first battle of the day;
  • The interface of the battle ending screen was changed;
  • The game will now automatically move from the MVP of the battle screen to the next.

Other Changes and Bug Fixes

  • The compensation for duplicate items in old celebration containers was increased according to the new X-crystals exchange rate;
  • The “Antaeus” and “Frontier” inscriptions from the pre-battle lobby were removed;
  • The trails of the hulls with skins now correspond to the width of the tracks;
  • The “Forcefield” module now blocks the splash damage from the “Thunder” turret and mines;
  • The bug that wasn’t allowing players to shoot through their own Forcefield in DM, was fixed;
  • The visual bugs on Vulcan equipped with the “Steel” skin were fixed (it had the wrong lights, the ammo belt had a different color and wasn’t moving upon shooting);
  • The inscription on the “Phoenix” season graffiti was corrected;
  • The bug in which players could not equip modules on rented tanks (from the Legendary base special offer) was fixed;
  • The bug in which the number of containers that the player has received after the battle wasn’t always accurately displayed, was fixed;
  • The bug in which the bonus points for assisting teammates in the battle was displayed in the battle logs already summed with the standard number of points, was fixed. The bonus points for assisting teammates in the battle are awarded to the player personally and are displayed in the player’s battle ending screen only;
  • Additional interface bugs were fixed.


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