Update: New Upgrade System

Hello, tankers!

  • The new upgrade system, which we mentioned last week, has been taken effect starting with today’s game update.
    • The number of mastery levels has been reduced from 100 to 30.
    • The number of upgrades has been reduced from 100 to 30.
    • The amount of experience required for the maximum mastery level has been reduced from 1 000 000 points to 600 000.
    • Battle ranges, the level requirement for opening slot modules, as well as upgrade rewards, have been readjusted.


All the accumulated experience, as well as the upgrade, have been recalculated according to the new values, so that every player remain approximately in the same position, without losing anything.

All the upgrade rewards will remain in player’s garage regardless of how the upgrade reward table has changed.

  • In addition, we’ve changed the drop system of the “Resources” container in battles. The new system allows every player who has played more than half of a battle and finished it, to have a chance at receiving a container, regardless of their battle points accumulated in that battle.
  • The rank up rewards have been increased. You can check the updated table Here

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