Update – Operation “Anti-Flipping”

July 6th, 2102

“Sensational news! The military corporation called Frontier has developed new shunting engines for the X Tanks, which prevents the tanks from flipping in conditions of extreme driving. The opposition was going to launch the production of new tanks in the near future, however, they were not destined to gain an advantage from that. The international corporation Antaeus infiltrated and declassified the intelligence data that contained information about the project, code-named “Unflippable”. As a result, the new engines will be tested by both sides directly on the battlefield.”

Order from July 6th, 2102: “Increase the advantage by maneuverability”

“To all the soldiers operating the Tanki X remote controlled combat vehicles. Test the new shunting engines in every type of battles, on every front. Please report back in a week, with feedback and recommendations. That will help us decide whether it is worth or not, using this technology in the future.”

Between 6th and 16th of July, you will be able to test the new in-game physics, that prevents tanks from flipping. Around 14-16 of July, every player will receive a survey via email (will also be posted in this topic) and will be kindly asked to take the survey and share his opinion about the new physics.

Test at will!

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