Update: premium account, daily quest re-roll, and more

Greetings, tankers!

A few very cool features were added to the game today. Premium accounts, daily quest change, and one for newbies.

  • Any player can now change any quest once per day, for free. Simply click on the Skip button.
  • We’ve added premium accounts, and in true holiday spirit, every player that has rank 7 (seven) or higher, will get 3 days of premium for free.
    It includes:

    • +50% bonus experience for leveling up your rank and weaponry.
    • +50% bonus progress points in ranked battle, which will earn you containers and blueprints faster.
    • 200 free teleport charges per day instead of 50
    • A fourth daily quest for X-crystals
    • And the option to replace two quests of your choice per day for free.



Here is the price list for the premium:

  • 3 days of premium – 1.99 EUR
  • 7 days of premium – 2.99 EUR
  • 7 days of premium + X-crystals quest – 3.99 EUR

For players with the rank lower than 15, the price list might differ.

  • After the premium has expired, players can renew it with a -20% discount, within 24 hours after it had expired.

After 20-30 first battles played, newbies will now discover the base of the legendary “Horizon” squad. Players can also try out their tanks and then buy the presets they played on, if they enjoyed it. There are 3 available presets: Offensive, Support, and Demolishing. Each of them containers a hull, a turret, a set of modules, a paint, and a skin.



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