Update: Reputation and Squads

A few very important changes were made with today’s update. Please, read carefully.


  • We changed the rules by which reputation is calculated in leagues.
    • The MVP are now considered top 1-3 places on the Tab scoreboard. The MVP’s of a match (top 1-3 from both teams) will get bonus reputation bonus, which has now also increased.
    • In Bronze and Silver leagues, MVP players of the losing team will lose reputation points no more. Very rarely these players will lose reputation, and that is only under rare circumstances, like when there are under 2 players on each team or other similar situations.
    • In Gold and Master league, the reputation points distribution has been adjusted. Just as before, the entire losing team in those leagues will lose reputation points, but the MVP players will lose less.

Developer’s comment: 
“We were asked thousands of times “why skilled players (the MVP’s of the match) are losing reputation points when their team is losing. Why is it that hard even for experienced players to climb the ladder, especially in the earliest leagues. After a number of weeks of analytical work, we’ve finally made a decision and we’re giving a chance to effective players to climb the Bronze and Silver leagues. When they get into Gold and Master, hopefully, they will be ready to face bigger challenges, as they will need to play at the same or even a better level, but will now lose reputation points. They will also start learning that the skill is not the only quality required to win in higher leagues, team-play is also a very important factor.”

  • The maximum number of players in a squad has been reduced to 3 (three).

Developer’s comment:
We decided to test the 3 player squads, as we believe that this is one of the factors that will help balance the games/teams in matchmaking. 

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Bug fixes: 

  • MVP players, those that end the game first on the match Tab scoreboard, will get bonus teleport charges again.
  • The Tab scoreboard will now sort players properly, depending on their battle points indicator.
  • We fixed a bug in which the player, with whom squad members shared teleportation charges in ranked battle, wasn’t able to enter the battle, if the players sharing the charges, left the lobby (even to enter the battle) or accidentally left the battle completely (basically the system wasn’t fast enough to transfer the teleportation charges).


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