Update: Season 2 and Balance Changes

Season Two

Season One ended today, and we’re ready to jump into Season Two, but not without a few changes. Season Two is scheduled to end on December 27th.

What has changed?

  • Players in the Bronze league will now earn more reputation points for the victories.
  • New graffiti as season reward.
  • The XT container that was rewarded upon being promoted to the Master league, has been removed. However, players will now be able to earn the container from the daily bonuses.

Update Season two

Balance changes

Before the start of the next season, changes need to be made. As always, at the end of the season, our analysts provide us a statistic of all our weaponry, and we do the required changes.


  • Almost every hull had its characteristics slightly boosted. We will soon post the new digits on our wiki, but for now, you can check them in-game. We could not post them here because the list would’ve been too long.


  • Ricochet
    • Will not self-inflict damage anymore.
    • The attack distance of its projectiles got increased from 45 to 50 for maximum range and from 90 to 110 for the minimum range.
    • The minimum damage increased from 10% to 40%
    • Its reload time was increased from 0.5 to 0.7
  • Hammer
    • The number of pellets per shot was reduced from 21 to 14.
    • The damage dealt per pellet was increased: from 36 to 54 for the minimum (without modules), and from 51 to 76 for the maximum (full modules upgrades)
  • Railgun
    • Its minimum damage was reduced from 565-800 (minimum damage without modules) to 510-720 (minimum damage with upgraded modules)
    • Its maximum damage was reduced from 1140-1600 to 1025-1440.
    • Its piercing damage percent was reduced from 75% TO 50%.


  • The triggering range of the mine has been reduced, and the explosion delay has been increased.
  • “Enhanced armor” now reduces the incoming damage by 40%
  • The duration of the “Turbos speed” effect has been increased, and its recharge time has been reduced.
  • “Adrenaline” will now trigger at slightly higher percentage of hp on upgrade levels 1-4.
  • “Forcefield” recharge time has been reduced.
  • The attack range of the “Drone turret” has been increased.


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